Union organising, not a crime! -BWI

A global day of action on 1 June that asserted that trade union organising is not a crime and demanded the release of all trade unionists wrongfully imprisoned, stands out in the second and final day of BWI's first World Board Meeting for 2023. 

BWI's World Board, which is made up of its presidium, regional vice presidents, committee chairs, and members, led the action in front of the Broken Chair at Geneva's Place des Nations. They said that an alarming number of labour activists and trade unionists had been detained, jailed, accused of crimes using spurious evidence, and even killed in many countries, particularly in Belarus, Peru, South Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Myanmar. 

Under the banner "Union Organising, Not a Crime," BWI stated that it aimed to draw global attention to the plight of trade unionists who face state-led oppression. "We strongly urge the International Labour Conference (ILC), which will convene on 5 June, and all other related and relevant international organisations and platforms to vigorously defend the rights and liberties of trade unionists and workers, including the freedom of association and the right to self-organize, engage in concerted actions, and collectively bargain," BWI said.