Brazil: BWI hits misogynist attacks against women workers linking them to accident

BWI condemned the misogynist manifestations made by Eduardo Bolsonaro, Deputy of National Congress, regarding the participation of women workers in the activities of Brazil’s construction and engineering industry.

Bolsonaro reportedly posted a video on his social media networks that besmirched the reputation of Acciona’s professional engineering women and linked them with a work-related accident that occurred on 1 February 1 at the Project Line 6 of São Paulo Metro in Brazil.

In a note of rejection, BWI called the accusations made in the video unfair and irrational. It said that it is a “vile way of diverting responsibility from those who are primarily responsible for the accident.”

BWI reiterated its strong commitment to promote the rights of women workers in the construction, wood and building materials sector. It also reiterated women workers’ right to a labour environment free from discrimination. 

As a response, BWI said that it will enforce the International Framework Agreement (IFA) it signed with Acciona. The IFA reiterates the parties’ commitment to ensure labour environments that are free from discrimination. BWI said that Bolsonaro’s use of the controversial video goes against the promotion of equal rights among all workers as enshrined in the IFA. It called on Acciona to take legal action against all individuals who prepared and disseminated the said video. 

Read the note of rejection here.