BWI endorses C40’s declaration on clean construction

Representing 12 million workers from 367 trade unions located in 116 countries, the Building and Woodworkers International (BWI) endorsed the C40’s “Clean Construction Declaration” and the commitment made by mayors of pioneering cities around the world to ensure resource-efficient, resilient and decarbonised buildings and infrastructure.

C40, which is a group of 97 cities around the world, pushes for a Clean Construction Programme to ensure cities are informed and empowered to integrate social and environmental justice into their climate action towards clean construction. 

In a memorandum of agreement (MOU) signed on 11 May, BWI and C40 committed to work together to shift the global construction industry towards a more sustainable future. The two organisations vowed to lead the way towards “clean construction” to provide thriving, resilient and healthy lives for everyone in the cities, especially in the most vulnerable communities. They also pledged to promote a process of a just green transition centred on job creation, decent work and social security measures. 

Specifically, BWI and C40 will: 

  • Build partnerships with mayors and city authorities to develop and integrate just transition plans that drive decent work and social action, including labour impact assessments, safeguards and job targets for men and women workers. 
  • Mobilise workers knowledge and skills to shape and enhance the supportive actions needed to meet the commitments in the Declaration. 
  • Participate in C40’s international events/ meetings and conferences.
  • Set up contacts with local BWI affiliates to facilitate the C40 Clean Construction Technical Assistance project.
  • Explore mutual participation (C40/BWI) in relevant publication(s) and/or potential joint publication(s).
  • Embed clean construction principles in construction pilot projects in 5 C40 cities.


As a complement to the MOU, BWI held its 11th Workers’ Voices webinar on 12 May on how workers and cities address climate change through the construction sector. 

In the said webinar, Oslo Vice Mayor Victoria Evensen and Fellesforbundet Vice President (Construction) Steinar Krogstad discussed how Norway’s capital has changed its procurement regulation to secure a greener, safer and just construction sector. 

Meanwhile, Paris Deputy Mayor Jacques Baudrier, CGT General Secretary Bruno Botha and Frederic Bernadet, managing Director of VINCI Grand Paris projects, shared their thoughts on how Paris is approaching the hosting of the next Olympics.