Construction work for 2024 Paris Olympics begins with slight delay

Work on France's single largest construction site, the 30,000 m Olympic Village, will start in the spring of 2021 after getting delayed by a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Work will also begin for the construction of the Olympic Aquatics Centre, an administrative structure covering the City of Paris and its surrounding suburbs. Management of the project was given to the Métropole du Grand Paris, while Bouygues was put in charge of constructing, maintaining and running the centre.

The said construction work is part of 62 long-term projects which were the result of three years of planning. The vast infrastructure will eventually become a residential area in 2025, on top of a 50,000 m2 office space.  

According to SOLIDEO, the Olympic Games Delivery Authority, around 9,000 workers, including 1,400 masons, 780 carpenters and 600 painters are expected to be hired to construct the Olympic facilities by the end of 2021. 

SOLIDEO committed that half of the Olympic construction work would begin by autumn.

It said that it is keeping to its budget of EUR 1.386 billion (excluding VAT) from a total of EUR 3.2 billion.  For this year, EUR 750 million will be invested, including EUR 276 million in subsidies from SOLIDEO.