Holcim called anew to act on workers' safety after one worker killed and six injured in India

The Building and Woodworkers’ International (BWI) and IndustriAll renewed their demand to cement giant, Holcim to take urgent action on the reported deaths of several workers and injury of others at its plants in India. 

This was after another worker was killed and several others were injured in Holcim’s subsidiary plants (Ambuja) in India, just a month after BWI and IndustriAll expressed their alarm and concern over the deaths last October of two contractual workers employed at ACC, also a subsidiary of Holcim.  

It was reported that on 18 November, a worker was killed and five others were injured at the Marwar cement plant in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. Before that, a worker was reported to be seriously injured at the Maratha Cement Works in Maharashtra on 11 November. Both plants are owned by Ambuja, a subsidiary of Holcim. 

This prompted BWI and IndustriAll to issue another letter to Holcim on 1 December demanding the multinational cement company to take urgent action to ensure the health and safety of its workers. The two global unions called on Holcim to resume its bipartite safety committee meetings covering all its operations and engage in a constructive dialogue with the trade unions on health and safety issues.


BWI and IndustriAll also demanded Holcim to issue a written report on the cause of the reported accidents and the accountability of the local management, information on the remedies and compensation paid to the injured workers and the family of the worker killed. They also called on Holcim to bare the corrective measures that it has implemented to avoid similar accidents in the future. 

Read the letter here.