Trade Unions sign agreement to protect migrant workers in Israel

02 April 2019 16:26

On 25 March 2019 in Chisinau, Moldova, the Trade Union Federation of Construction and Building Materials Workers of the Republic of Moldova (SINDICONS), and the Federation of Construction and Woodworking Unions of Israel (Histadrut) signed a Cooperation Agreement to ensure the protection Moldovan migrant workers working construction sites in Israel.

The agreement is in response to the bilateral intergovernmental agreement signed between the Governments of the Republic of Moldova and Israel on temporary employment of workers from Moldova in Israel. This bilateral agreement was recently extended to 5 January 2024. To date, over 7,000 Moldovan workers are employed by twenty (20) Israeli construction companies.

“With the signing of this agreement we are not only continuing international solidarity with Histadrut but more importantly we are working together to exchange information and best practices to ensure the protection of Moldovans working in Israel through trade union education and promoting occupational health and safety,” said Victor Talmaci, SINDICONS president.

Representatives of both unions also met representatives of the National Employment Agency in Moldova to discuss the provisions of the bilateral intergovernmental and provide key recommendations in the implementation of the agreement that ensure decent work, safety and health and fair wages for Moldovan workers Israel. The cooperation agreement between the two unions signifies the shared commitment to play a leading role in ensuring the working and living conditions of Moldovan workers working in the construction sector in Israel.