BWI gears up for 2022 International Women's month

BWI is preparing a week-long campaign to mark this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD). The global union aims to highlight its affiliates’ achievements in campaigning for gender equality, particularly on its key four campaigns: value of women in work; ending gender-based violence, women in trades, and stopping macho culture. 

Recognising the changing nature of work and worsening gender inequalities due to COVID-19, BWI’s IWD campaign will also look to the future and encourage affiliates to share perspectives on what lies ahead for women workers in industries where the global union is present and active at.  

Trade union affiliates worldwide are strongly encouraged to hold various activities at the national and local levels with the appropriate equivalent online, and issue statements in support of a gender-equal future together with government leaders, policy and opinion makers, and media practitioners on gender equality.