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In the spirit of solidarity and democracy, the Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) and the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar (CTUM) appeal to your kind hearts to donate generously to the “Myanmar Strike Fund” intended to sustain and strengthen the Burmese trade unionists’ struggle for democracy against the country’s brutal military junta.

As you may already know, Myanmar’s military staged a coup on February which resulted in the dissolution of the country’s democratically-elected government, arrest and incarceration of senior government leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi, and overturn of the results of the November elections.  

The Burmese people defiantly rejected the military’s power grab. In a powerful display of courage, unity and heroism, the Burmese people, led by health workers, academics and young people, launched a broad civil disobedience movement (CDM) with the aim to restore the country’s democracy. The movement, which organised mammoth peaceful protests all over the country, quickly gained the support of the country’s biggest trade union federations, which launched a general strike that paralysed the country’s business sector; in what probably is the biggest show of resistance to the military since it took power last February.    

The military responded with brutal force against the massive peaceful demonstrations. Democracy protesters were violently dispersed, shot with live ammunition and arbitrarily arrested and detained. As of the latest count, more than 140 protesters, many of whom were young activists and women, have been killed, and at least 2,000 were jailed. 

Yet, despite the military junta’s state terror and repression, the Burmese people, especially the trade unionists, remained defiant. Democracy protests continue to get bigger and bolder. Young people continue to organise online and off, and the country’s major trade union federations just extended a nationwide general strike. 

However, the Burmese people need our help and support. Their struggle just entered an extremely perilous stage. Your generous donations to the Myanmar Strike Fund will go a long away in sustaining the mobilisation of trade unionists and workers, providing democracy defenders wider access to the internet and extending needed financial assistance to displaced workers and their families. Every cent counts. Every penny is a commitment to democracy. 

BWI and CTUM appeal to your sense of humanity and solidarity to ensure that the Burmese workers have a fighting chance for a better future.

The struggle for democracy demands solidarity.

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