Belgium: Cement workers end strike, secure travel allowance increase

The workers and management of the Sagrex Heidelbergcement company in Belgium reached a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 6 September after a week of strike actions from trade unions.


Facing the possibility of a prolonged workers’ strike that could damage its image nationally and internationally, the Sagrex Heidelbergcement management has finally accepted the union's demand to increase the workers' travel allowances.


The workers asserted that the skyrocketing rise in the prices of fuel has radically affected the costs of their transportation to the workplaces. The BWI-affiliated Belgian trade unions said that they demand equal treatment for all Sagrex workers and respect for social dialogues.  

 A leader in the Belgian and Dutch markets, Sagrex employs nearly 400 workers at its 20 sites, including 18 in Belgium and 2 in the Netherlands.


On the Belgian market, the company is represented by the brands CBR, Sagrex and Inter-Beton.