Swedish construction union warns of massive strike

Byggnads, the Swedish union of construction workers, has threatened to go on strike next week over employer federation Byggföretagen’s reluctance to address industry-wide work-related fatal accidents during their collective bargaining negotiations. If the strike pushes through, it will affect 87 workplaces and 1,400 workers across the country.

The union said that during the negotiations, its proposals to address work-related accidents were not prioritized by the employers’ federation, which opted to focus on amending pay systems, working hours and reducing the influence of trade unionists at workplaces. 

Byggnads is pushing for the following:


  1. Provide regional safety representatives access to more workplaces to create a safer working environment.

  2. Companies must ensure that subcontractors comply with collective agreements.

  3. Clearer rules on allowances for workers from other countries.

  4. Salary specification must clearly state wages, leaves, benefits and earned pension.

  5. Gender-responsive workers’ sheds and changing rooms.

  6. Allow pregnant women workers to stay at home and receive compensation if their work risks miscarriage. 


Read BYGGNADS full statement here.