Unions secure new CBA with Brazil’s biggest paper producer

The Trade Union of Workers in Construction of Roads and Public and Private Works of the State of Parana (SINTRAPAV-PR) and the Trade Union Workers in the Construction and Furniture Industries of Telemaco Borba (SINTRACON-TB) successfully negotiated new salary terms with Klabin, Brazil’s largest exporter and producer of paper for packaging solutions. 

It was reported that Kablin made the biggest investment in its 121-year history by approving the second phase of its Puma II Project, which aims to produce 920,000 tons of high-quality kraftliner board annually.

The unions secured a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that increased workers’ salaries by 8 percent and basic monthly and Christmas baskets by 16.3 percent. The CBA also increased life insurance by BRL 7,000 and maternity benefits by BRL 60,000 

“This victory proves that trade unions can best guarantee workers’ rights and welfare at workplaces,” SINTRAPAV-PR President Raimundo Ribeiro Santos Filho said. 

The trade unions said that they launched a special bulletin to communicate to all their members the scope of the new CBA. Part of this is to maximise different social media platforms to digitize the unions’ communication efforts at the project and national levels.

The Puma II Project reportedly has a general budget of BRL 12.9 billion and employs 3,000 direct and indirect workers.