Asian trade unionists join call to protect the Amazon


BWI marks the International Amazon Rainforest Day by launching its #ProtectTheAmazon campaign to protect one of the world's most important natural heritages from climate change and other destructive human activities, and to preserve it for future generations of working people. This is part of BWI's larger campaign under the "Heat Up Workers' Rights, Not the Planet" campaign in the run up to this year 's UN Climate Summit (COP28 Conference).

On this video, Rulita Wijayaningdyah of KAHUTINDO-Indonesia discusses the importance of fighting to save the Amazon rainforest and its relevant communities. The Indonesian trade unionist stated that despite being thousands of miles away, Asian workers share the belief that extreme weather conditions, notably record-breaking heatwaves, forest fires, drought, and flooding, endanger the world, including workplaces. She called for forest conservation, increased planted areas, sustainable development and decent work in the Amazon region. Rulita asserted that trade unions have a stake in safeguarding our environment, particularly the Amazon rainforest, in order to ensure the health and safety of workers, and guarantee a greener and more sustainable future.